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Angstroms Conversion

Angstrom is the Internationally recognized unit of length, displacement or distance, which is used to indicate the size of atoms, molecules, lengths of chemical bonds, the arrangement of atoms in crystals and wavelength of visible light. It measures a distance so small that equals one ten-billionth of a meter or 0.1 nanometer. A human being has a visible sensitivity from 4,000 Ã…ngstroms (violet) to 7,000 Ã…ngstroms (deep red). The symbol for Angstrom is the Swedish letter A with ring diacritic on top of it.

Fathoms Conversion

A fathom is a traditional imperial and the U.S. customary unit of length equal to 6 feet or 2 yards and is mainly used in reference to the depth of water. The size of a fathom originally represents a man's outstretched arms.

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