drinking water

Basic Tips For Water Intake

Our bodies depend on water to survive. Probably the only thing more essential for survival than water is the air we breathe. Of course, our bodies are complex systems and cannot rely only on water, but still, it is just a crucial chemical component which makes everything better for us physically when we drink enough of it.

drinking water

How much water you should drink a day to stay hydrated depends on several factors like your size and weight, your health, your physical activity, season, where you live and so on. It is different for different people, but still, the minimum amount you should aim for is 1,5 l to 2l or 8 glasses per day. Actually the more, the better. You shouldn’t worry about the idea of getting bloated if you drink too much water since it is inaccurate. Water retention and feeling bloated are caused by higher toxin levels, biochemical and hormonal imbalances, and even dehydration. It is the body’s way of compensating not getting enough water and trying to keep it in.



Dehydration causes fatigue and drinking water helps you stay alert and active.

Water also helps the oxygen travel and reach the cells through the body.

It is possible to drink too much water, but it rarely happens.

 Cold or warm water is better for optimal hydration?

While there has been some debate on the best temperature for drinking water, there are some general facts and ideas. In different situations, different temperatures are right for you but still according to the American College of Sports Medicine, water and other drinks should be between 60 and 70 degrees F or 15 and 21 C for optimal hydration.

It is important to remember never to go for the extremes – neither too cold not too hot water is good for the body.

Cold water passes through your stomach faster, which means your intestines absorb it quickly and you’ll rehydrate quicker. Cold water is good for you after a workout, or to lower your body temperature and prevent heatstroke, helps with weight-loss.

Drinking warm water is beneficial for digestion, helps for detoxification and cleansing, it also improves blood circulation and alleviates pain. Warm water can also calm your central nervous system. The best idea to have it is in the morning before your first meal with a twist of fresh lemon.

Still, you should always have in mind that the best temperature of water for you is the one which encourages you to drink more (hydrate).  So you should “listen” to what the body says and drink water at whichever temperature feels good and refreshing.

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