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calories (cal) Conversion

A calorie is a unit of energy. There are two main categories and other various distinctions. The first category is the small calorie or gram calorie (written with lower-case ‘c’, expressed with the symbol ‘cal’ ) is defined as the amount of heat or energy required at one atmosphere pressure to raise the temperature of one gram of water by one degree Celsius. The other category, the large Calorie (with upper case letter ‘C’) also kilogram calorie (indicated with symbols: Cal, kcal) is expressed in terms of the kilogram, not the gram and so the definition is similar – the energy required at a pressure of one atmosphere to increase the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree Celsius. The second ones are the calories a person gains by eating. They are also called food calories.

Kilojoules (kj) Conversion

A kilojoule is a unit of energy, equal to one thousand joules. In most countries, food labels show the energy content of the food kilojoules and the energy consumed with food is expressed with kilojoules.

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