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Salary is a negotiated fixed and regular payment or sum of money paid to a person for his services or performed work by an employer. The payment is usually executed on a monthly basis. The term salary is evolving, being a part of a “total reward” system which includes bonuses, benefits, and perks, commissions, vouchers, in addition, the fixed basic salary. Before accepting any job, the employee is likely to have the benefits chance to negotiate the terms of employment offer focusing primarily on salary, but also considering benefits, working hours, annual leave and other arrangements.

The word salary by origin has less to do with money and more to do with salt. It derives from “salarium” which has the root “salt”. Salt was considered currency and valuable trade item. In Ancient Rome the soldiers were originally paid with salt which they could trade for other things. Later, they salarium were money, allowance provided to soldiers to buy salt.

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