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Temperature is an impartial measure of warmth or coldness of an object or environment expressed as per a standard scale. Temperature is essential for all natural sciences like physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine and is applicable to various aspects of daily life. There are three commonly used scales are Celsius scale (Previously known as the Centigrade scale), Fahrenheit scale and Kelvin Scale.

The Celsius is characteristic for the International system of units and is used in all countries except for the United States and Liberia. The name of the scale is dedicated to the Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius. The degree Celsius represents a specific temperature from the Celsius scale or a unit showing a difference between two temperatures.

The Fahrenheit scale is the one proposed by Dutch-German-Polish physicist Daniel Fahrenheit and it is the official scale used in the United States. This scale is determined by two fixed points – the first one being the temperature point at which water freezes into ice (also melting point of ice) and that is 32 degrees Fahrenheit and the second one is the boiling point of water being 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

The interval between two temperature points in Fahrenheit is smaller than the interval between two degrees in Celsius – temperature interval of 1 degree °F equals an interval of 5/9 degrees Celsius. The two scales meet each other at -40 degrees (-40 degrees °C = -40 degrees °F). The Rankine scale has the same degree intervals as the Fahrenheit, but there are no negative units and the absolute zero is 0 degrees R.

The Kelvin scale is mostly used in technology and science. It is used to describe the absolute temperature of an object or substance. Its null point is also called absolute zero as no temperature exists below this point. Nothing is colder than the absolute zero. Each unit in the scale is called Kelvin not a degree and equals a degree interval in Celsius. There are no negative numbers, as the lowest point is 0. The absolute zero equals a negative 273.15 degrees °C and negative 459.67 degrees °F.

Another not so common temperature scale is the Rankine scale.

Temperature Conversion Table

(some results are rounded)
Celsius Fahrenheit Kelvin
1 Celsius = 1 33.8 274.15
1 Fahrenheit = -17.2222 1 255.9278
1 Kelvin = -272.15 -457.87 1

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