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Gas mileage is the relationship between the distance traveled and the quantity of fuel burned by a vehicle. It can also be called fuel efficiency, fuel economy or fuel consumption rate (which more accurately means an amount of fuel used per unit of distance covered). When talking about fuel consumption the lower the value, the more efficient and economical the vehicle is (the less fuel it needs to cover a distance). When talking about fuel economy, the higher the value the more economical the vehicle is since it traveled more distance with a certain amount of fuel.

It can be measured in different ways, as well. Some of the ways to measure fuel economy include miles per gallon (there are two types UK MPG and US MPG), liters per 100 kilometers or kilometers per liter. Imperial (British) gallon is 277.42 cubic inches or 4,5 L which is different from the US gallon which equals 231 cubic inches or 3.79 liters. One imperial gallon is approximately 1.2 US gallons. Consequently, there is a difference between UK miles per gallon unit and US miles per gallon unit.

Gas Mileage Conversion Table

(some results are rounded)
U.S. MPG British MPG Liters per 100 km Kilometers per Liter
1 U.S. MPG = 1 1.2009 235.2146 0.4251
1 British MPG = 0.8327 1 282.4809 0.354
1 Liter per 100 km = 235.2146 282.4809 1 100
1 Kilometer per Liter = 2.3521 2.8248 100 1

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